𝕄arieke Mamarazzi

Dutch photographer & creative spirit, raised and based in Leiden.
Studied Photography & Fine Art at WDKA, Rotterdam.

“As a photographer she works both autonomous and freelance for a.o. magazines, musicians, events & companies (see Collabs). She presents multiple (group-)exhibitions a year. From 2011 – 2019 she curated (and occasionally joined) exhibitions in General Store ‘t Leidseplein, Leiden.

Whether you’re looking for a professional portrait, photoshoot,
(wall)painting, creative input or a collaboration; holla at ya girl!


Telephone: Nulzes-Vierachtviereenachtzeszevenvijf
Instagram: MariekeMamarazzi & Mariekemarazzi_LostOnes
Facebook: Marieke Mamarazzi LinkedIn: Marieke Mamarazzi

𝔼 X H I B I T I O N S :

> P r e s e n t :

Mamarazzi @ Nowa's > Leiden (2017 - ongoing)


Thursday the 16th of November vinylstore Nowa’s openened his doors
In the back of the store one of my photographs is displayed, next to a print by the inspiring artist Ruwedata;














Haarlemmerstraat 231,
2315 DR Leiden


< P a s t :

Mamarazzi @ Kunstroute > Leiden (2018)

I participated in a group-exhibition at Kunstroute Leiden 2018.
20 photographers, including myself, took photos of the multi-disciplinary Roos Tulen.
For this project called β€˜Lichaamsbeeldβ€˜, we were asked to portray both her vulnerability and strength.
Read all about it here.

22+23/09/2018 our portraits were shown BIG at the starting point of Kunstroute Leiden.

Location:             Pieterskerkhof, Leiden
Opening hours: Saturday from 10:00-18:00
                             Sunday from 12:00 – 18:00

Group Exhibition > Leiden (2018)


Until Thursday 06/09/2018 I participated in a group-exhibition at the basement of a formal schoolbuilding at Toussaintkade 51, Leiden.

Group Exhibition > The Hague (2017)


Together with 9 others, I participated in a special AHF-groupexhibition at the recently renovated Paardcafe, Den Haag.
Through this exhibition we celebrated our 2year collaboration with PaardcafΓ©.

The exhibition ended on the 16th of December.












Group Exhibition > The Hague (2016/2017)


From Thursday the 24th of November 2016 till the 18th of Febrary 2017
one of my photographs was shown – BIG –
during AHF Group Exhibition ‘Curating The Narrative’ at PaardcafΓ©, The Hague.



Group Exhibition > Veenendaal (2016)


From the 2nd to the 9th of April 2016 two of my photographs were shown
during a Group Exhibition in De Cultuurfabriek, Veenendaal.


Solo Exhibition > Leiden (2015)


From January – June eight works about reflections were shown at ‘Nieuwe Energie Leiden‘ – 3e Binnenvestgracht 23, Leiden.

"I'm fascinated by reflections because they show things differently. 
A moment of reflection gives me new energy; positive energy."

The grand finissage took place on Friday, the 12th of June.




Mamarazzi @ Rockin' Chair > Leiden (2014)


From October 2014 four photos about (the absence of) light were being shown for almost a year (!) at furniture-upholstery β€˜The Rockin’ Chairβ€˜ – Korte Mare 22a, Leiden.

The opening was on the 18th of October 2014.


Mamarazzi @ Kunstroute > Leiden (2013)
"Beware of an odd selection of works 
exposed during Kunstroute 2013;
28+29/09/2013 from 12:00-18:00 
@ Breestraat 48, Leiden."


Solo Exhibition > Leiden (2013)


A rare Mamarazzi exhibition at temporary galerie ‘Noodweer’, Herensingel 7 – Leiden in July (2013).

Lookingboxes hid photos of lost objects.

"Things lost/dropped/forgotten..
 "They're obviously out of place, 
 makin' me wonder what happened.."
Video registration exhibition ‘Lost Ones’ (2013).

More lost&found? Check the album Lost Ones or Mariekemarazzi_LostOnes on Instagram.


Solo Exhibition > Leiden (2012)
"First big #Exhibition at Vrijplaats, Leiden.
The opening came with homemade sushi, Dominican cigars & bad ass tunes. 

Mariekemamarazzi - November 4, 2012


β€œUnderstand me. I’m not like an ordinary world.
I have my madness, I live in another dimension and
I do not have time for things that have no soul.”

~ Charles Bukowski.

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